Which is the Best Place to Put Security DVR?

Security equipment play a significant role as the ears and eyes of a home. Other times, it’s the voice as the current modern-day security systems tend to communicate through push-up notification alerts. This article highlights some of the best places to put security DVR around the house.

People with IP cameras, that means the systems are operated and stored via the cloud shouldn’t worry about burglars compromising the entire system by destroying it or cutting a few wires.  However, open-source IP cameras are usually more susceptible to hacking. You, therefore, need to carefully examine all the available options.


DVR’s have replaced analogue and are the newest home security systems in town. The DVR system usually features a top-quality video and its maintenance cost is relatively lower. Besides, they don’t need an internet connection unlike IP cameras.

The DVR is typically a closed-circuit system and this means they are not connected to any networks but to each other locally. Most people have installed IP cameras in their homes. You can check your IP systems anywhere since they stream directly to the internet. Here are some of the best places to put security DVR especially if you decide to go for the closed system one.

Best Place to Put DVR

1. Closet

When it comes to the closed system DVR, a closet is usually the safest hiding place as it serves as a structured wiring center for the entire house. Besides, you will have several alternatives with the different closets. Also, you can place some items around or on top of the DVR to keep it more private.

You are guaranteed to find somewhere secretive in the house whether you choose an office closet, the one in your master bedroom, or any other option at hand. Ensure you place the DVR high enough and keep the wires perfectly hidden.

2. Cupboard

Cupboards and other high shelves are also great places to hide your DVR’s. You can go for the kitchen cupboard or one at a central place like the living room housing important home materials.

Cupboards are ideal since reaching them is quite difficult and burglars want to dash in and out of the house hurriedly and wouldn’t want to tamper with any device.

3. Make Room

Making room can mean placing the gadget somewhere hidden in the wall, crawl spaces, or in a unique room. Put the DVR system where it’s unlikely to be found and get creative with the placement.

4. Add a Lockbox

Ensure that a safe, lockbox, or other concealable tools are used to seal your device regardless of the location. It’s also important that your place of choice is well-ventilated since DVR’s tend to generate heat. The safest way is to put a lock around it.

Find the best place to put security DVR so safeguard it against criminals.

What is the Optimum Height for Installing a CCTV Camera?

What is the optimum height for CCTV camera? Read on to find out.

Today, a CCTV camera has been more than just a piece of technology. Living without a CCTV during this time is dangerous, and it’s quite evident. People around the globe have since been bringing their homes and businesses under the CCTV security surveillance, which is the right decision for some obvious reasons.

Technology did pave the way for a range of companies dealing with CCTV cameras and alarms that are aiming to provide customers with top-quality products.

What is the Optimum Height for CCTV Camera?

However, where to position the CCTV cameras is one of the frequently asked questions by potential customers. Finding the right CCTV installation height is crucial. The question, therefore, demands an answer and tips on CCTV positioning. Customers can get to know all this information when installing the cameras both at home and in offices. It also includes being conversant with the CCTV camera placement guidelines, pole height, camera mounting height and the optimum height for CCTV camera.

image of CCTV camera

While some companies provide solutions by offering its customers with a CCTV camera height calculator, several others still can’t access such technology. When customers try to get the optimum height for CCTV camera installation, it does pose a lot of problems. Below are some reasons that make knowing the height quite important:

A CCTV camera mounted very low is usually a target to vandalism since its easily accessible to anti-social elements around the place. And if you are pregnant, you probably know how getting fitting clothes can be a challenge. The CCTV may not be at the right angle to see the clothes in your wardrobe, including your best bra for sore breasts during pregnancy.

Additionally, CCTV cameras that are not placed high enough will not be able to enjoy a great viewing angle or cover a wide area. It will not be effective in monitoring the surrounding properly since it tends to degrade the field of view.

Each CCTV camera usually has a specific IR illuminating distance. Mounting the camera too high makes it impossible to illuminate the surroundings correctly, making it inefficient when it comes to capturing videos and images during the night or when the light is a bit low.

A CCTV camera is as good as the image it captures. A long-distance would affect the quality of the image severely. Besides, when an image is obtained from a distance, it provides no respite when you try to zoom into it no matter how good the camera works since it tends to pixelate the image.

Ideally, it’s advisable to have two cameras. One should be higher on the wall to capture the entire event, while the other to capture the criminal’s faces. However, if you can only afford one ensure you place the CCTV camera at eye level.

So, what’s the optimum height for CCTV camera installation?

It would, therefore, depend on the area you want to monitor and the property you plan to install it. The accurate height for CCTV camera installation should be around 8 feet, which is 2.4m – 2.6m when you are in doubt.

image of CCTV camera installed high

However, the CCTV camera height depends on several other things. Some advantages always come with installing the cameras at an elevation of 2.5m -5m.

At 2.5m: When you install your camera at this height, it will provide a long-range view of the surrounding. It additionally lets you see the farthest point possible since it points closer to the horizon, which will, in turn, allow a wide view angle. For this installation, you will require a camera with a lens that can pick images clearly at a distance and a longer focal length. Since the installation will be at 8 feet, the camera will be safe from vandals and miscreants.

At 5m: The camera would gain the ability to comfortably capture a wider area at the height of 5m with an angle pointing further from the horizon. From where it’s placed, it can capture the surrounding in a significant way in the property of installation. Since the distance isn’t much, most of the modern cameras will work effectively when you place them here. You can be sure that such a camera will be able to spot all your wardrobe clothes, including the bustier bra for wedding dress that you bought last fall.

Other Suggestions:

After stating all the vital tips on CCTV positioning, we can now talk about what you need to focus on when buying CCTV cameras. When getting a CCTV camera, make sure the camera has both long-range viewing capacity and broad lens to enable it accurately capture a wide area.

image of CCTV camera with nightvision

To add on that, look at other features like zoom, night vision, HD view and enhance as they will give you the most potent product range in terms of WicamFi surveillance. The wide range also contains several AHD and IP cameras in different models and builds. The PTZ camera ensures it brings in a plethora of features with it. And to help you manage it, WicamFi comes with a range of NVR and DVR gadgets that empower its consumers to zoom, enhance capabilities, and have a remote viewing along with a safe encoding standard and high data compression rate.

You can never go wrong with WicamFi range when it comes to CCTV cameras.

ADT Security Review 2020

There are many ADT Security reviews on the internet. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the security option.

With regards to protecting your home, you can’t fail with ADT security systems of home. ADT security system has the ability to protect your house and family from intrusion by giving the foremost technologically advanced security systems. ADT security review is important to know.

Single security systems can shield your house; however can be combined to maximize your security. It is strongly recommended that putting together the fundamental burglary as well as the video surveillance systems is a good approach to take. Just like the ADT security system is really the perfect one.

What advantages are you able to get from video surveillance?

There are several explanations why you ought to consider using video surveillance along with a basic home security package from ADT security. One feature of ADT security is that you can answer your door with initial knowing who’s there.

ADT security alarm will activate when a burglar enters into your home, if you put old conventional system where people were informed if a burglar enters into the home via alarm then it may be shocked to know that those systems can become an upset in times, but with the video camera system of ADT security you can be sure that your home is been monitored continuously and you can see in the monitor if any one comes to the door before you answer it.

Through the ADT security now you can view your home from anywhere, whether at officer or vacation, you can monitor the house via internet linked all possible with this ADT security system. In case you have left your children behind at home and you are worried that how they are doing then you don’t have to worry, ADT security system will monitor your home and send the data to you so that you can be sure your home and children’s are safe.

Recently there was an incident where a nanny was abusing a little child and the parents where away, thanks to an ADT security camera based system, parents were able to look through a security camera and were able to take actions against that nanny. ADT security gives you security and reliability with fast action towards any burglary or theft.

ADT security systems are only able to defend your residence to an extent, even the best systems cannot shield you from burglars who enter when you open the door, but ADT security with its video surveillance and constant security because of ADT security system assure you that you and your home are protect all the time.

Regardless of whom you’re or where you live, ADT security systems are made to meet your requirements, ADT security a video surveillance package from the corporate, in addition to a basic home security kit would be worth investing if you have sufficient funding. In addition to cutting your property insurance price, it will also add extra protection. Can there be anything else you need?

ADT security reviews possess the information about both wireless and wired security systems, their product have excellent features and benefits to provide high protection to the home

Best Driveway Alert System

A driveway alarm can be a great addition to a home where homeowners are afraid of a thief stealing their cars and other valuables. Most thieves do not remain confined to the garage and ultimately wind their way into the house to commit major burglary. When your car has been stolen, you may need a Dentek Dental Guard to avoid grinding your teeth. However, why wait to get all this headache? You can avoid that disaster from happening by using the following products.

Mighty Mule FM131

This driveway alarm has an excellent range of 400 feet or up to 122 meters. The good thing about this alarm is the fact that it has electromagnetic sensors that only buzz off an alarm when they detect large metal objects so there are no false alarms due to children playing or animals loitering in the area. You can easily install this alarm by yourself and without much hassle. There is an indoor receiver that alerts you whenever it detects motion and sounds off an alarm. It uses two C batteries for installation.

Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit

Other driveway alarms are equally good. J. Int’l offers driveway patrol system that you can install in your house and get rid of all the worries of burglars entering your property and carrying out their nefarious plans.  It is a wireless device so there should not be any worries about severed connections and other problems. You can install the wireless sensors on any surface whether it is your garage, lamp pots or doors. Portable receiver has three alarm settings and each device operates on one 9-volt and three C-cell batteries.

WPA-3000 Wireless Probe Driveway Alert

This is among the best wireless driveway alarms. It is used basically for the detection of vehicles and operates on one 9-volt battery and features 50 inches of direct burial wire that connects the probe to the exterior case. The probe will detect vehicles passing by a distance of around 12 feet. This system works fine and does not detect animals or bicycles and thus curbs any false alarms. Transmitter system is weather proof and can be stacked on a tree or wall. You can use it to boost your security level while keeping free of false alarms and other hassles.

Chamberlain RWA-300R

This is another jewel among driveway alarm systems. You can use this in your driveway, barn or any other place where you want a security cover. The transmitter detects any human movement within a distance of 1200 feet and does not raise false alarms due to pet movements. Transmitter is waterproof so you can use it to supervise your boats and other watercraft. There are a total of four beep signals so you can integrate the system well by placing the transmitters at strategic locations to increase your security.

Other systems also provide equally high security and surveillance.

Wireless Intruder Alarm Accessories

A wireless intruder alarm is one of the latest additions to the wide range of home security appliances. The device is a preferred choice of many because it significantly reduces the installation time. Now, there is no need for you to go through the complicated process of drilling holes in walls and dealing with the clutter of ugly wires.

Over the last five yeas or so, there has been a rise in the popularity of wireless intruder alarms among both customers and professional installers. Obviously, this is due to the various benefits of these type of alarm systems,  compared to their wired counterparts. Wireless alarm systems are also versatile. The systems allow battery operated sensors to be set up in homes, both indoors and outdoors, as per your requirements. You can find a variety of wireless intruder alarm systems at various online shops. One of the leading shops that has the systems is http://vwsip.co.uk

intruder alarm accessoriesWireless alarm systems can be a practical option for rented houses. This is mainly because homeowners may not allow you to drill holes or make changes to the house. Wireless alarms are also easy to remove and you can take them along whenever you decide to leave the house. The worry-free installation and flexibility offered by this type of system is what many people desire.

One of the most popular wireless intruder alarm systems available today is the one that comes with multi-zone control panel. This latest system brings together wireless functionality with modern zoning capabilities. This means that it provides flexible usability with the option of using other doors to exit. Also included in the system is a chime zone to provide protection to your doors and garage at nighttime.  There are also a wide range of do-it-yourself wireless intruder alarms available to fit different budgets and suit both small and large houses.

A standard wireless burglar alarm will come with the following accessories:

  • Wireless window and door contacts (you can add additional contacts like you require)
  • Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors (you can add additional sensors, and pet-immune feature)
  • Hand held remote control option
  • Control panel together with back up battery
  • Batteries

If you’re confused with all the available options and can’t decide which system is best for you, contact a security company to review your property and assess your personal security needs. It is also better to obtain quotations from at least a couple of security companies before deciding on the system to buy.

Car Security Advisor – Buying a Salvage Mini Bus

Many people believe that buying a brand new mini bus is the best option. Now, this is just an opinion because there is no law against buying used cars and there is nothing wrong with buying used machinery.

If you buy a mini bus for business, then you will need mini bus insurance to protect your investment. This will help to cover your costs if you were mis-sold the second hand mini bus or if something happens that is not your fault during the re-build.

New cars have many advantages over used ones. However, this does not mean that a person who buys a used mini bus has made a bad move. It is possible to get very good cars, trucks and buses from the used car market. It is just a matter of looking for the right product and making wise choices.

Choose the Right Salvage Mini Bus

i) Ask the right questions

The first step in buying a salvaged mini bus is to ask the right questions. You should know if the mini bus was involved in an accident or not. Apart from this, find out how long the mini bus was used and how many kilometers it has covered. Things like year of manufacture and the car’s specifications are also important. You need to know what you are buying before you invest your money.

ii) Know what to look for

Getting the right information is a matter of being smart. If you want to buy used plant and machinery, your best bet is to go to the farm where they are. The same case applies to buying salvage mini bus. Go to where the bus is parked and take a good look at it. If the bus has been moved to the dealer’s place already, inquire about what to look at from people who have used a similar mini buses in the past. Get their honest opinions about the performance of the mini bus before buying. The performance of the vehicle may determine how much insurance you will pay for it. Click here to learn more about mini bus insurance.

iii) Ask for help from a mechanic

You also need to have a reliable and knowledgeable mechanic to help you assess the mini bus. It will not make sense to expect the mini bus to be in perfect shape. You should know what to fix in the vehicle. This is where your mechanic comes into the picture. Based on the expert opinion of your mechanic, you can decide whether or not to buy the mini bus.

iv) Check alarms and security systems

It is important to look for alarms and other security features in the mini bus. Check the alarms that came with the car and those the user installed after the car was bought. Security alarms,  fire alarms and anti-theft alarms are all important. You need to check if the bus you want has these alarms and if they are working properly. If they are working, it means that the previous owner is a careful user. If some of these alarms are not working right, you will need to install new ones.

v) Inspect the indicators

Finally, make sure that all the indicators are in good working order. Things like oil indicator, fuel indicator, speed alarms and temperature warnings are vital.

You can get very good deals in the used car and used machinery market. However, you need to keep your eyes open to get the best mini bus at a good deal.

DIY Quick Guide: Building a Closet Using Industrial Pipes

Many people look for alternative solutions to build furniture or decorations instead of buying them.

You don’t need any special skills as long as you have Internet access. DIY projects will help you save the money and create original style for your house. By making your own furniture you can customise the projects according to your needs and preferences. Usually the beginning is the hardest part but once you pass this phase, it will be a lot easier.

We asked Jack Moss, a plumber in Sydney, who also happens to be a DIY enthusiast to guide us on this matter. Here is a summary of what he recommended.

Make a Plan
Making a plan probably the most important part of your project. The plan will determine what materials and tools you need. The first step is to measure the space properly. Make sure to leave enough room for shelves and shoe racks.

After that, take a blank sheet and draw a draft of the project. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it should include all of the important dimensions.
If you’re planning to use pipes and wood together, make sure the plan looks clear. You can even use highlighters to emphasize different parts of the closet.

Buy the Supply
Once you understand the space measurements, you can move on to ordering the materials. It’s very important to make a list of all the parts you need.

1. Pipes
Count the pieces and determine the right width and length. There are many places where you can buy materials so don’t rush, try to find the best deal before you start spending money.

When the pipes are cut and ready, match your order against the list you made earlier. Materials can be expensive and you don’t want to go back and forth to correct the mistakes. It will only delay the project.

2. Elbows
Elbows are used to connect two pipes together and change the flow direction. Try attaching them to a pipe first to check the correct size.

3. Tees
Tees are another very important part of the closet that fits three pipes in and will allow you to create a base for the shelves. These little pieces will also help you change direction of the pipes if you want to create a more complex design.

4. Flanges
You will need a few of these to rest the pipes safely on the floor. They will support the entire structure and anchor it to the wall for more stability for your closet.

5. Caps
Caps are small steel pieces used to secure open ends of the pipes.
All the pipes have to be cleaned and screwed together tightly. Make sure to use you work trousers and safety gloves to avoid any scratches or cuts. If you’re experiencing any difficulties in connecting the pipes, use a product called WD-40 to remove the grease and reduce friction.

When the structure is ready you can consider painting the tubes with your favourite colour to match the room’s design. Once you finish, grab a few hangers and start arranging the clothes in a brand new closet.

Best DIY Alarm System

A DIY alarm system is best for homeowners who do not want costly security systems but still need protection. Such consumers can use DIY alarm systems to enhance their home security without spending a great deal of money.

A DIY alarm system comes in various shapes, sizes and formats. You will be surprised with the variety of DIY alarms available in the market. If you have a small budget, your focus should be on simplicity of installation and maximum protection. Keeping these two things in mind will enable you to pick the best systems. For more information on DIY alrm systems, check www.securehome247.com

The following are some of the top DIY alarm systems available in the market.

Macally Air-Alarm1 SecurityMan

Macally Air-Alarm1 SecurityManThis DIY home alarm system is good for homeowners who want the best protection. It is a wireless system so you will not have to worry about any lengthy wiring or other hassles. The system can support up to 60 wireless sensors and transmits signals at 430-433MHz frequency band. Wireless signals can be transmitted to a distance of up to 300 feet.

The alarm system has in-built features that support up to five phone numbers for auto alarm call and one management center protocol. Each key has arming and disarming function available.


Q-See QSDL503AD alarm systemThis is among the best DIY home alarm systems. The alarm uses a frequency of 433 MHz and sports an autodial main panel that can automatically dial up to six phone numbers in case of an emergency. You can also prerecord an emergency message to quicken the response. You can use the sensor on doors, windows, cabinets and other places.

The Q-See QSDL503AD alarm system uses infrared motion detector. The transmitter has a high pitched alarm to warn intruders. You can remotely arm and disarm the home system by using different features of this alarm.

S02-A Wireless Home

S02-A Wireless HomeThere are many DIY home alarm systems but not all of them offer extensive security. S02-A Wireless Home offers 32 defense zones with each having up to three sensors. It also has phone line anti cut function that will warn you in case any one tempers with the line.

Auxiliary backup system is provided for the power supply so you will not have to worry about security during power breakdowns. The home alarm system can store up to six phone numbers of 21 digits in length and prerecorded messages. There is also an option that you hire a professional monitoring service though there is no need for that

Macally Air-Alarm Securityman

Securityman Air-AlarmIIThis DIY wireless alarm system is quite easy to use. It can support up to 60 wireless sensors with 15 defense zones having 4 wireless sensors in each zone. It transmits in a frequency range of 430 to 433 MHz and can transmit up to a distance of 450 feet.

The alarm system supports five phone numbers for auto alarm and one management center protocol. You can easily arm and disarm the system by remote controller, phone call or host keypad.

The above is an overview of the best DIY alarm systems in the market.

Choosing a Fire Alarm Monitoring System

You will need fire alarm monitoring if you want to protect your home from being gutted and destroyed by fires. The unfortunate fact about fires is that they start suddenly and often take the homeowners by surprise. There is generally very little time left that homeowners have to run for their lives and thus cannot save their belongings. Property losses are almost 100% in case of a major blaze.

The real benefit of fire alarm monitoring is the protection of human lives. You will need these alarms to save your life and that of your loved ones. A monitored fire alarm is a better option as it will enable you to connect directly with an emergency response team and the fire department and there will be minimum delay. Every minute counts in blazes and a timely arrival of fire tenders can put out a fire that can otherwise turn into an inferno.

Certain things need to be considered before hiring the services of a fire alarm monitoring company. The first thing to notice is the extent of services provided by the company. You can observe the working procedures and response time of these companies by asking for statistics and figures. You can also contact the people who are using this service to find average response time. The type of fire alarms used and the response time and interaction with the fire department should also be analyzed during this preliminary check.

fire alarm monitoing systemA fire alarm monitoring service does not charge any hefty fees. They will first send a representative to your home that will assess the situation by looking at fire exits, location of your kitchen, gas burners and electrical mains, among other things.

This survey will be followed by an estimate of your fire hazard and possible evacuation plans. They will also guide you to select fire alarms of different brands and designs. You will have the ultimate say in this regard as many companies offer free preliminary assessment so you do not have to worry about any pressure from the company to subscribe. In fact you should not sign up with a company that is forcing you to subscribe with them.

A good company will provide alarm monitoring for not just fires but also burglars. They use a combination of surveillance systems and monitoring features to ensure that burglars are also kept at bay along with fires. You might have to pay some extra monthly charges but this combination will offer you the maximum protection from both natural and man-made disasters.

Many companies do not charge for the installation of fire alarms and others offer great discounts. It is recommended that you opt for a service that offers free installation and has nominal monthly charges so that you could use the service for many years to come.