Top 10 Myths About Home Security

Is your home safe? Most people like to think that their home is safe from burglars. And when the issue of home alarms comes up, they think the security accessories are for other people but not them. Well, you may be in for a rude shock. According to experts, most homeowners underestimate how insecure their homes are. This thinking makes them lose their guard, often with regrettable consequences.

Cool Air Miami USA has sent us a list of myths that many homeowners believe. Check the the top 10 myths and see whether you subscribe to any of them.

  • My home is not a target. Wrong! Every home is a potential target for burglars. Most burglars will monitor activity in and out of the house, to pick a good time to break in.
  • My dog will protect my home. Although big, mean-looking dogs can deter theft, a big chunk of meat can easily distract them. Dogs are always looking for treats, whether that be home cooked leftovers, dog biscuits, or canned dog food. Burglars can easily throw the dog a hefty snack to keep it entertained while they raid your house.
  • Alarm systems are too expensive. There are affordable home alarm systems out there, it’s just about shopping around and finding one for you. Many companies offer a variety of packages. Besides, isn’t any money spent on home security worth keeping your family and home safe? Plus, save on homeowners insurance.
  • My neighbors will guard my home. Even neighbors that are home all day have lives.Chances are they won’t see burglars breaking in while they are gardening or cleaning house.Burglars don’t like to make big scenes when they enter your home anyhow; your neighbor would have to be pretty vigilant to catch the burglar.
  • My home is safe during the day. Half of burglaries occur during the daytime hours of nine to three. Burglars realize that people go to work. If they have done their research, they most likely have been watching your schedule anyhow, so they know when you will be gone.
  • Alarms systems are too complicated. Get to know what you are working with.Play around with the keypad and feel comfortable arming and disarming the alarm system.The features are usually basic and just require a quick skim of the manual or if you get your alarm system installed, ask the company representative after he finishes the installation.
  • My alarm system won’t work if the power goes out. Most alarm systems come with a backup battery precisely for this purpose.If the power goes out, this battery usually kicks in.Also, some wireless systems allow you to monitor the home alarm system with your cell phone, meaning if your landline is cut—you can still reach authorized personnel.
  • You can’t trust wireless security systems. Technology has drastically improved. When wireless security systems first came out, they were unreliable and the frequencies were easily interrupted. Now-a-days, most home security systems use a combination of wired and wireless, and the errors are few in number.
  • I live in a safe area. I could almost leave the door open. Despite how safe your areas is, any home is a target for a break in. Burglars don’t discriminate against where your home is located. Sometimes even the safest cities have the most atrocious crimes.
  • I don’t have anything too expensive in my home for anyone to want to steal. Burglars aren’t picky. They want your everyday things—computers, TVs, DVD players, pocket change. If expensive jewelry is lying around they will take that too.

There we go. Do you agree with this list?

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