Protect America Review 2017

Main Overview

Finding a security company with quality products and reliable service can be a challenge. Protect America, however, is one of those companies. Protect America is a leading residential security system provider with hundreds of thousands of homes protected nationwide. The company has been a pioneer of wireless home security for over 20 years and is classified as an “affordable yet reliable” option. They offer highly trusted and cost-effective cellular, online and remote monitoring services in the form of packages such as Copper, Silver, Bronze, Gold and Platinum. Our Protect America review can assist you in choosing the security package that best suits your home and budget.

Options with Protect America

Perhaps the most impressive offering of Protect America is the company’s commitment to providing security gadgets and equipment free of cost. Not only that, Protect America offers a number of fully customizable security options like the Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. This allows you, the homeowner, to pick and choose what’s right for your living situation and budget. Protect America is extremely transparent with their pricing. They offer several packages ranging from $19.99 to $42.99 monthly. The typical contract includes 3-year monitoring agreement. They offer professional, affordable services compared to other competitors in the industry. The company provides flexible surveillance options like telephone monitoring, online access and cellular monitoring. Protect America customers can have the massive benefit of interactive control like arming and disarming their systems with a smartphone. They offer top quality, innovative and advanced security and life safety gadgets like fire and smoke sensors, online video surveillance, motion sensors, glass-break detectors and home automation technology like digital door locks. You can also take advantage of professional guidance in choosing the best solution for your home by consulting the company’s security experts.

Service and Product

Protect America outfits every customer with name-brand security products and delivers some of the best comprehensive security solutions in the industry. Their advanced remote monitoring services include phone line, cellular technology and broadband. Once deciding on a package, you are able to customize it based on your specific needs. Swap equipment or add an extra layer of defense for a truly protected home. After ordering service, the security package is delivered quickly to your home and pre-programmed for a simple DIY setup. A security expert walks you through the entire process over the phone, and the average installation and activation takes less than an hour. Protect America’s highly dedicated team of professionals is always at your disposal!

Installation Service

Installation is surprisingly simple. The process involves wall mounting the user interface and sealing entry points like doors and windows by easily placing wireless motion sensors and detectors. Although a DIY installation may sound daunting to some, customers actually never really set up the system by themselves. A security expert walks you through the process step by step over the phone and helps you activate then test the system. Worried about something breaking? Protect America’s Lifetime Equipment Guarantee covers all products for life.

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