residential alarm installation cost

Residential Alarm Systems Prices

Residential alarm systems are not so expensive to install as you would imagine, and most systems cost not more than $1 per day. Standard monthly charges can range from $25 to $40; however, you should expect to pay another $10 per month if you go for the optional backup feature. The additional remote control facility may cost between $80 and $200, whereas a pet passage may add to $50-$250 annually.

Set up and equipment cost of an alarm system residential will depend on the system’s sophistication, the kind of equipment you go for, the number of sensors as well as the size of your residence. Usually, you should be prepared to around $100 to $1200 for both installation and equipment. If you want to add up the fire protection feature, it will cost you additional $200 to $400 with around $5 monitoring fee per month.

residential alarm systemYou are usually faced with two choices when looking to buy a residential burglar alarm system: purchase the equipment upfront or lease it. If you decide to buy the system, the basic accessories like motion sensors, door contacts etc will be included, plus they will be your property even after the agreement expires. If, on the other hand, you decide to lease the equipment, you should expect to pay between $300 and $500 annually that will usually be included in the monthly fee.

Your local police department may also require you to obtain annual permit to have a residential alarm system. Usually, there are two types of permits that you will require: a permit to set up the monitored alarm system at your house and a state permit that will be issued by the local police. These permits may cost between $10 and $50 per year.

When signing a contract with the security company, you need to read the document carefully. Make sure you are not being charged for anything unnecessarily. You should keep this in mind that this contract will remain in effect for a long period of time and hence you shouldn’t pay for anything that is already covered in some other contract.

Almost all residential alarm systems will have some sort of warranty that will cover components and labor. Besides, you can obtain an extended repair and maintenance warranty that will cost you between $100 and $200 and will be incorporated into the monthly fee. This warranty will cover labor and component costs for added convenience.

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