A DIY alarm system is best for homeowners who do not want costly security systems but still need protection. Such consumers can use DIY alarm systems to enhance their home security without spending a great deal of money.

A DIY alarm system comes in various shapes, sizes and formats. You will be surprised with the variety of DIY alarms available in the market. If you have a small budget, your focus should be on simplicity of installation and maximum protection. Keeping these two things in mind will enable you to pick the best systems. For more information on DIY alrm systems, check www.securehome247.com

The following are some of the top DIY alarm systems available in the market.

Macally Air-Alarm1 SecurityMan

Macally Air-Alarm1 SecurityManThis DIY home alarm system is good for homeowners who want the best protection. It is a wireless system so you will not have to worry about any lengthy wiring or other hassles. The system can support up to 60 wireless sensors and transmits signals at 430-433MHz frequency band. Wireless signals can be transmitted to a distance of up to 300 feet.

The alarm system has in-built features that support up to five phone numbers for auto alarm call and one management center protocol. Each key has arming and disarming function available.


Q-See QSDL503AD alarm systemThis is among the best DIY home alarm systems. The alarm uses a frequency of 433 MHz and sports an autodial main panel that can automatically dial up to six phone numbers in case of an emergency. You can also prerecord an emergency message to quicken the response. You can use the sensor on doors, windows, cabinets and other places.

The Q-See QSDL503AD alarm system uses infrared motion detector. The transmitter has a high pitched alarm to warn intruders. You can remotely arm and disarm the home system by using different features of this alarm.

S02-A Wireless Home

S02-A Wireless HomeThere are many DIY home alarm systems but not all of them offer extensive security. S02-A Wireless Home offers 32 defense zones with each having up to three sensors. It also has phone line anti cut function that will warn you in case any one tempers with the line.

Auxiliary backup system is provided for the power supply so you will not have to worry about security during power breakdowns. The home alarm system can store up to six phone numbers of 21 digits in length and prerecorded messages. There is also an option that you hire a professional monitoring service though there is no need for that

Macally Air-Alarm Securityman

Securityman Air-AlarmIIThis DIY wireless alarm system is quite easy to use. It can support up to 60 wireless sensors with 15 defense zones having 4 wireless sensors in each zone. It transmits in a frequency range of 430 to 433 MHz and can transmit up to a distance of 450 feet.

The alarm system supports five phone numbers for auto alarm and one management center protocol. You can easily arm and disarm the system by remote controller, phone call or host keypad.

The above is an overview of the best DIY alarm systems in the market.

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