A driveway alarm can be a great addition to a home where homeowners are afraid of a thief stealing their cars and other valuables. Most thieves do not remain confined to the garage and ultimately wind their way into the house to commit major burglary. When your car has been stolen, you may need a Dentek Dental Guard to avoid grinding your teeth. However, why wait to get all this headache? You can avoid that disaster from happening by using the following products.

Mighty Mule FM131

This driveway alarm has an excellent range of 400 feet or up to 122 meters. The good thing about this alarm is the fact that it has electromagnetic sensors that only buzz off an alarm when they detect large metal objects so there are no false alarms due to children playing or animals loitering in the area. You can easily install this alarm by yourself and without much hassle. There is an indoor receiver that alerts you whenever it detects motion and sounds off an alarm. It uses two C batteries for installation.

Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit

Other driveway alarms are equally good. J. Int’l offers driveway patrol system that you can install in your house and get rid of all the worries of burglars entering your property and carrying out their nefarious plans.  It is a wireless device so there should not be any worries about severed connections and other problems. You can install the wireless sensors on any surface whether it is your garage, lamp pots or doors. Portable receiver has three alarm settings and each device operates on one 9-volt and three C-cell batteries.

WPA-3000 Wireless Probe Driveway Alert

This is among the best wireless driveway alarms. It is used basically for the detection of vehicles and operates on one 9-volt battery and features 50 inches of direct burial wire that connects the probe to the exterior case. The probe will detect vehicles passing by a distance of around 12 feet. This system works fine and does not detect animals or bicycles and thus curbs any false alarms. Transmitter system is weather proof and can be stacked on a tree or wall. You can use it to boost your security level while keeping free of false alarms and other hassles.

Chamberlain RWA-300R

This is another jewel among driveway alarm systems. You can use this in your driveway, barn or any other place where you want a security cover. The transmitter detects any human movement within a distance of 1200 feet and does not raise false alarms due to pet movements. Transmitter is waterproof so you can use it to supervise your boats and other watercraft. There are a total of four beep signals so you can integrate the system well by placing the transmitters at strategic locations to increase your security.

Other systems also provide equally high security and surveillance.

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