Security equipment play a significant role as the ears and eyes of a home. Other times, it’s the voice as the current modern-day security systems tend to communicate through push-up notification alerts. This article highlights some of the best places to put security DVR around the house.

People with IP cameras, that means the systems are operated and stored via the cloud shouldn’t worry about burglars compromising the entire system by destroying it or cutting a few wires.  However, open-source IP cameras are usually more susceptible to hacking. You, therefore, need to carefully examine all the available options.


DVR’s have replaced analogue and are the newest home security systems in town. The DVR system usually features a top-quality video and its maintenance cost is relatively lower. Besides, they don’t need an internet connection unlike IP cameras.

The DVR is typically a closed-circuit system and this means they are not connected to any networks but to each other locally. Most people have installed IP cameras in their homes. You can check your IP systems anywhere since they stream directly to the internet. Here are some of the best places to put security DVR especially if you decide to go for the closed system one.

Best Place to Put DVR

1. Closet

When it comes to the closed system DVR, a closet is usually the safest hiding place as it serves as a structured wiring center for the entire house. Besides, you will have several alternatives with the different closets. Also, you can place some items around or on top of the DVR to keep it more private.

You are guaranteed to find somewhere secretive in the house whether you choose an office closet, the one in your master bedroom, or any other option at hand. Ensure you place the DVR high enough and keep the wires perfectly hidden.

2. Cupboard

Cupboards and other high shelves are also great places to hide your DVR’s. You can go for the kitchen cupboard or one at a central place like the living room housing important home materials.

Cupboards are ideal since reaching them is quite difficult and burglars want to dash in and out of the house hurriedly and wouldn’t want to tamper with any device.

3. Make Room

Making room can mean placing the gadget somewhere hidden in the wall, crawl spaces, or in a unique room. Put the DVR system where it’s unlikely to be found and get creative with the placement.

4. Add a Lockbox

Ensure that a safe, lockbox, or other concealable tools are used to seal your device regardless of the location. It’s also important that your place of choice is well-ventilated since DVR’s tend to generate heat. The safest way is to put a lock around it.

Find the best place to put security DVR so safeguard it against criminals.

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