You will need fire alarm monitoring if you want to protect your home from being gutted and destroyed by fires. The unfortunate fact about fires is that they start suddenly and often take the homeowners by surprise. There is generally very little time left that homeowners have to run for their lives and thus cannot save their belongings. Property losses are almost 100% in case of a major blaze.

The real benefit of fire alarm monitoring is the protection of human lives. You will need these alarms to save your life and that of your loved ones. A monitored fire alarm is a better option as it will enable you to connect directly with an emergency response team and the fire department and there will be minimum delay. Every minute counts in blazes and a timely arrival of fire tenders can put out a fire that can otherwise turn into an inferno.

Certain things need to be considered before hiring the services of a fire alarm monitoring company. The first thing to notice is the extent of services provided by the company. You can observe the working procedures and response time of these companies by asking for statistics and figures. You can also contact the people who are using this service to find average response time. The type of fire alarms used and the response time and interaction with the fire department should also be analyzed during this preliminary check.

fire alarm monitoing systemA fire alarm monitoring service does not charge any hefty fees. They will first send a representative to your home that will assess the situation by looking at fire exits, location of your kitchen, gas burners and electrical mains, among other things.

This survey will be followed by an estimate of your fire hazard and possible evacuation plans. They will also guide you to select fire alarms of different brands and designs. You will have the ultimate say in this regard as many companies offer free preliminary assessment so you do not have to worry about any pressure from the company to subscribe. In fact you should not sign up with a company that is forcing you to subscribe with them.

A good company will provide alarm monitoring for not just fires but also burglars. They use a combination of surveillance systems and monitoring features to ensure that burglars are also kept at bay along with fires. You might have to pay some extra monthly charges but this combination will offer you the maximum protection from both natural and man-made disasters.

Many companies do not charge for the installation of fire alarms and others offer great discounts. It is recommended that you opt for a service that offers free installation and has nominal monthly charges so that you could use the service for many years to come.

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