What is the optimum height for CCTV camera? Read on to find out.

Today, a CCTV camera has been more than just a piece of technology. Living without a CCTV during this time is dangerous, and it’s quite evident. People around the globe have since been bringing their homes and businesses under the CCTV security surveillance, which is the right decision for some obvious reasons.

Technology did pave the way for a range of companies dealing with CCTV cameras and alarms that are aiming to provide customers with top-quality products.

What is the Optimum Height for CCTV Camera?

However, where to position the CCTV cameras is one of the frequently asked questions by potential customers. Finding the right CCTV installation height is crucial. The question, therefore, demands an answer and tips on CCTV positioning. Customers can get to know all this information when installing the cameras both at home and in offices. It also includes being conversant with the CCTV camera placement guidelines, pole height, camera mounting height and the optimum height for CCTV camera.

image of CCTV camera

While some companies provide solutions by offering its customers with a CCTV camera height calculator, several others still can’t access such technology. When customers try to get the optimum height for CCTV camera installation, it does pose a lot of problems. Below are some reasons that make knowing the height quite important:

A CCTV camera mounted very low is usually a target to vandalism since its easily accessible to anti-social elements around the place. And if you are pregnant, you probably know how getting fitting clothes can be a challenge. The CCTV may not be at the right angle to see the clothes in your wardrobe, including your best bra for sore breasts during pregnancy.

Additionally, CCTV cameras that are not placed high enough will not be able to enjoy a great viewing angle or cover a wide area. It will not be effective in monitoring the surrounding properly since it tends to degrade the field of view.

Each CCTV camera usually has a specific IR illuminating distance. Mounting the camera too high makes it impossible to illuminate the surroundings correctly, making it inefficient when it comes to capturing videos and images during the night or when the light is a bit low.

A CCTV camera is as good as the image it captures. A long-distance would affect the quality of the image severely. Besides, when an image is obtained from a distance, it provides no respite when you try to zoom into it no matter how good the camera works since it tends to pixelate the image.

Ideally, it’s advisable to have two cameras. One should be higher on the wall to capture the entire event, while the other to capture the criminal’s faces. However, if you can only afford one ensure you place the CCTV camera at eye level.

So, what’s the optimum height for CCTV camera installation?

It would, therefore, depend on the area you want to monitor and the property you plan to install it. The accurate height for CCTV camera installation should be around 8 feet, which is 2.4m – 2.6m when you are in doubt.

image of CCTV camera installed high

However, the CCTV camera height depends on several other things. Some advantages always come with installing the cameras at an elevation of 2.5m -5m.

At 2.5m: When you install your camera at this height, it will provide a long-range view of the surrounding. It additionally lets you see the farthest point possible since it points closer to the horizon, which will, in turn, allow a wide view angle. For this installation, you will require a camera with a lens that can pick images clearly at a distance and a longer focal length. Since the installation will be at 8 feet, the camera will be safe from vandals and miscreants.

At 5m: The camera would gain the ability to comfortably capture a wider area at the height of 5m with an angle pointing further from the horizon. From where it’s placed, it can capture the surrounding in a significant way in the property of installation. Since the distance isn’t much, most of the modern cameras will work effectively when you place them here. You can be sure that such a camera will be able to spot all your wardrobe clothes, including the bustier bra for wedding dress that you bought last fall.

Other Suggestions:

After stating all the vital tips on CCTV positioning, we can now talk about what you need to focus on when buying CCTV cameras. When getting a CCTV camera, make sure the camera has both long-range viewing capacity and broad lens to enable it accurately capture a wide area.

image of CCTV camera with nightvision

To add on that, look at other features like zoom, night vision, HD view and enhance as they will give you the most potent product range in terms of WicamFi surveillance. The wide range also contains several AHD and IP cameras in different models and builds. The PTZ camera ensures it brings in a plethora of features with it. And to help you manage it, WicamFi comes with a range of NVR and DVR gadgets that empower its consumers to zoom, enhance capabilities, and have a remote viewing along with a safe encoding standard and high data compression rate.

You can never go wrong with WicamFi range when it comes to CCTV cameras.

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